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2 Minute Military Histories
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Take a just couple of minutes to learn interesting historical facts and see real eyewitness accounts!
From Modern Battles to Ancient Wars, Delve into history now!
Look for more famous events in history added each week
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The Gulf War US Navy Warships Prepare for Battle - 1991 AD

JAWS - 1945 USS Indianapolis Crew Attacked by Sharks-1945 AD

Typhoon in The Pacific US Fleet Battles the Elements - 1945 AD

USS Wisconsin BB-64 US Navy Iowa Class Battleship - 1945 AD

Destroyer Escorts USS Raymond - Battle off Samar - 1944 AD

The First Kamikaze Attacks USS Pennsylvania - Leyte Gulf 1944 AD

Independence Class Carriers USS Langley II & Princeton - Leyte 1944 AD

Coral Sea & Midway Battles
USS Yorktown - Tonga 1942 AD

PEARL HARBOR to JAPAN US Navy Warships - 1941-1945 AD

Zulus Attack Rorke's Drift Zulu War - Natal 1879 AD

The Battle of The Little Big Horn Custer's Last Stand - America 1876 AD

Survivor at The Little Big Horn Custer's Last Stand - America 1876 AD

Last Stand for Davy Crockett
Battle of The Alamo - America 1836 AD

The Battle of Waterloo Ney, Donop & Cavalry Attacks - Belgium 1815 AD

WAR & PEACE French Heavy Cavalry Charge - Russia 1812 AD

The Battle of Borodino Saxon Gardes du Corps - Russia 1812 AD

The Battle of Trafalgar Death of Vice Admiral Nelson - 1805 AD

The Battle of Bannockburn English Knights V Scottish - 1314 AD

The Romans Attack Julius Caesar's soldiers- Ancient Briton - 55 BC

Alexander the Great
Greek & Persian Empires Clash! - 333 BC

Making time to learn about important events in history is a great use of your time. Spending time on your education, even if it's only for minutes a day, is as important as investing in your Fisher Investments portfolio and savings. These 2 Minute Military Histories are a great way to start and will help you decide which subjects you would like to learn more about.

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