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2 Minute Military Histories
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The Gulf War US Navy Warships Prepare for Battle - 1991 AD

JAWS - 1945 USS Indianapolis Crew Attacked by Sharks-1945 AD

Typhoon in The Pacific US Fleet Battles the Elements - 1945 AD

USS Wisconsin BB-64 US Navy Iowa Class Battleship - 1945 AD

Destroyer Escorts USS Raymond - Battle off Samar - 1944 AD

The First Kamikaze Attacks USS Pennsylvania - Leyte Gulf 1944 AD

Independence Class Carriers USS Langley II & Princeton - Leyte 1944 AD

Coral Sea & Midway Battles
USS Yorktown - Tonga 1942 AD

PEARL HARBOR to JAPAN US Navy Warships - 1941-1945 AD

Zulus Attack Rorke's Drift Zulu War - Natal 1879 AD

The Battle of The Little Big Horn Custer's Last Stand - America 1876 AD

Survivor at The Little Big Horn Custer's Last Stand - America 1876 AD

Last Stand for Davy Crockett
Battle of The Alamo - America 1836 AD

The Battle of Waterloo Ney, Donop & Cavalry Attacks - Belgium 1815 AD

WAR & PEACE French Heavy Cavalry Charge - Russia 1812 AD

The Battle of Borodino Saxon Gardes du Corps - Russia 1812 AD

The Battle of Trafalgar Death of Vice Admiral Nelson - 1805 AD

The Battle of Bannockburn English Knights V Scottish - 1314 AD

The Romans Attack Julius Caesar's soldiers- Ancient Briton - 55 BC

Alexander the Great
Greek & Persian Empires Clash! - 333 BC

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