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Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania TV Show with guest artist - Mark Churms Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania VA
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Timothy Mark Churms has spent the last two decades honing his artistsic talents as a Freelance Fine Artist. Now a US Citizen, living and working in USA, this British born artist has risen to the top of his profession as an Historical Artist and Decorative Fine Art painter....

Generals Grant and Meade at the Battle of the Wilderness 1864
20"x30" oil on panelli
enlarged for museum display

ELLWOOD HOUSE DOORWAY c.1855 - Click Me! Artist and Wife at Exhibit opening - Click Me!
40"x18"oil on panelli
enlarged for mueum display
artist & wife at opening
Ellwood Manor, Wilderness Battlefileld

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by permission of National Park Service, who purchased the above three paintings' copyrights

Capture of Union Guns at Saunder's Field - Battle of the Wilderness 1864
20"x30" oil on panelli
enlarged for museum display
JOYFUL NEWS! News of Victory at Battle of San Jacinto TX 1836 - Click Me!
62"x71" oil on canvas
Panoramic view of Battle of San Jacinto TX 1836 - Click Me!
62"x172" & 62"x39" oil on canvas

TEXAS HISTORY 1836 (over 25,000 sq inches)!

Panoramic view of Hardin Ranch at Liberty TX 1836 - Click Me!
62"x39" & 62"x86" oil on canvas
Panoramic view of Battle of San Jacinto TX 1836 - Click Me! Panoramic view of Hardin Ranch at Liberty TX 1836 - Click Me!

Timothy Mark Churms has painted professionally since the age of 24. Churms was born in Wales but lived most of his childhood years in England. He started his career as a full-time artist in 1990, after graduating from Oxford Polytechnic with a degree in Architectural studies. Having realized his interests in Military history, Churms portrayed numerous historical figures and battle scenes throughout the world. He then had his exemplary military history paintings printed as posters and limited edition prints by respected Fine Art publishers in Great Britain, within months of starting his business. In his first year, his equestrian paintings were selected for exhibition at Christie’s and Sotheby’s of London. Churms started his career as a self employed historical, equestrian and military artist in 1991 by publishing his exemplary art with the well-known military art prints company Cranston Fine Arts in Scotland.

Black Prince,  Click Me!

After living in Scotland for a few years, in 1998 he crossed over “the pond” to the United States, to Virginia, near Washington, D.C. (where he met his wife-to-be, Kristina), then up to Manhattan in New York to become the Vice President of TheHistoryWeb.com/TheHistoryMart.com. He then married Kristina, in 2000 and moved to Brooklyn, where he witnessed the events of 9/11.

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Heading west, Churms moved to Phoenix, Arizona in late 2001 (Geronimo and Apache country) and was hired as Quality Control Manager for Phoenix Art Group Incorporated (a leading US decorative fine art wholesale company). Churms left Phoenix Art Group Inc. in 2003 to continue his career as an Historical Artist. Mark Churms also paints many decorative fine art pieces in acrylics, under his first name "Timothy" from his studio in the eastern "pan-handle" of beautiful West Virginia, just over and hour from Washington D.C. in the heart of American Civil War country."Timothy" decorative line of work is characterized by frequently large works of art in acrylic paints on canvas. Many paintings are textured and include metallic pigments, adding depth and interest to strong compositions with beautiful and subtle colors.(Note: for copyright reasons, only a very small fraction of several hundred decorative "Timothy" images, painted to date, are currently displayed on this website) In February of 2009 Mark became a US Citizen.

Roman Army,  Click Me!

Mark Churms continues to publish his own military prints. Realism, detail, accuracy, dramatic lighting and strong compositions are the reasons why most military collectors and enthusiasts agree that Mark Churms is one of the world's best historical artists alive today. Over the years Churms has lent his brush to a huge diversity of subject matter and styles. His skill in the portrayal of humans, horses, animals, still-life and landscapes, using contemporary and modern techniques has earned him admiration, acclaim and a large following of art collectors. Many history artists paint a limited range of subject matter such as: aviation art, American Civil War, Naval battles, historical buildings or portraits, but Churms has lent his brush to a huge diversity of historical subject matter. His skill in the portrayal of humans, horses, land, sea and air combat has earned him admiration, acclaim and a huge following of military collectors interested in diverse periods of military history.

W.W.I Click Me!

Mark Churms' art is now widely available for your home or office as military art prints, which can be seen throughout the world in military museums, art galleries and specialist picture framers worldwide. Original art has been exhibited at a variety of prestigious locations including Christie's and Sotheby's (London), Guards Museum (London), Household Cavalry Museum (Combermere Windsor), Airborne Forces Museum (Aldershot), Bannockburn Heritage Center (Scotland), etc…. Mark is also specially commissioned by the US military, British Army and US National Park Service to create unique illustrations for public display, commemorating historic events and battlefields.

for US ARMY, 2009
artist dedicates an art print to US soldier, Click Me!
artist signs a print for
female soldier featured in image
US Army - Operation Iraqi Freedom - Click Me!
ADVISE & ASSIST - fine art print
Presentation of painting to Colonel of 4BCT-1CD - Click Me!
28"x43" original oil presented
to US Cavalry Brigade at Fort Hood TX

Have you ever wondered what it was really like to be present at some of the most important and influential events in world history? Churms' art allows you, the viewer to visually experience the drama of World History! Feel the pounding hooves of mass cavalry charges of English Medieval knights at the Battle of Bannockburn or witness the awesome spectacle of divisions of Napoleonic heavy cavalry charging against the steadfast redcoat squares of allied infantry at the Battle of Waterloo. See W.W. II Japanese kamikaze attacks against American warships in the Pacific, or witness the humanity of the rescue of US sailors from the USS Indianapolis, after 5 days adrift in shark infested waters.

The armies of Ancient Greece and Rome, American doughboys of WWI, as well as many United States Naval ships and many British army regiments have been featured in Churms' paintings. Currently Mark's projects include paintings and prints for the modern US Army, featuring current deployments and historical projects for the American National Park Service and Museums (many of these are not shown on this website for copyright reasons).

Churms often returns to specific themes to tell a fuller story of particular events. For example, the gallant defense of Rorke's Drift in Natal during the 1879 Zulu War, the British Indian Army, or US Navy Warships of World War II, are all a collectible series of military art prints by Churms. Famous last stands are also popular subjects for Churms' palette. David Crockett at the Alamo-1836, and Custer's 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Big Horn-1876, and other famous battles have all been presented on canvas.

Napoleonic Wars, Click Me!

"Detail of research for any history painting is key, if you are attempting a realistic representation" says Churms. Mark researches many of his paintings in great detail and travels the world to view historic warships, battlefield locations, museums and military archives. Churms always uses primary sources for research (first hand accounts) whenever possible, and he actually taught himself to speak French to translate Napoleonic military inspection reports, and correspondence! He also learned in detail how to construct military uniforms and has in fact made a complete reproduction of a French Napoleonic Cuirassier of 3e Regiment (including a completely hand sewn uniform).

For 20th century subjects, Churms says he, "interviews with actual war veterans whenever possible as they can provide the experience and detailed observations only available from those who were actually present in combat or at other historical events."

There are many documentaries available on cable television on a variety of topics, including all eras of military history. These documentaries are very educational and many about 20th century history feature in-depth interviews with veterans who were there. Most Comcast offers include a variety of history channels as part of their daily programming. History buffs can find many informative and entertaining documentaries to enjoy.

W.W. II Naval, Click Me!


Timothy Mark Churms' decorative work and Mark Churms detailed historical artwork are strongly influenced by impressionist masters; Manet, Degas and by 19th Century French artists; Meissonier, Detaile, David, Corbet and Ingres to name but a few.The work of the Pre-Raphaelites, Lady Butler, Caton Woodville and other English and German artists of the Victorian period also influence his brush and palette. Mark's work also draws from the benefits of 21st century technological advances in the fields of photography and optics. Mark Churms military history art is painted in artist oil colors (though commissions in acrylics are accepted also), and frequently paints large works of art on stretched fine linen or canvas. Small or large paintings (Including very large wall mounted murals), are no problem for this versatile Military Artist.

Custer's Last Ride- Click Me!

Churms' artwork is also sought after by professionals and corporations, featured in prominent videos, quality product packaging, computer games, and many military magazines and periodicals. If you are looking for quality military art prints or historical art, you need not look any further. Also, check out Mark's commission page at www.markchurms.com for any questions on commissioning your very own historical painting by the world renowned, Mark Churms. or e-mail us at original_art@MarkChurms.com

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Churms also paints beautiful pictures for interior designers. Gentle flowers, subtle human portraits to animals, picturesque landscapes and decorative compositions and abstract art decorate many fine art collector's walls throughout the world. Mark's decorative paintings for homes and offices are often painted, large scale on canvas using acrylic paints. To find out more about Mark's art for interiors click here.

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