- COMMISSION ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLINE TODAY AND SAVE $200.00+! click here (futher $75.00 OFF US Military portraits)

Julius Caesar and Ancient Rome- Click Me! Mark Churms
Historical & Military Oil Paintings
USAF aviation art - Click Me! commission your artwork today! Little Big Horn  - Click Me!

Ever wanted an original piece of Aviation, Military, Naval or Historical art on your wall, painted by an acclaimed artist?
A beautiful and realistic oil painting of your favorite ship, plane, veteran, historical event or battle?
Or perhaps you need artwork (and /or art prints) for your organization, military unit, government agency or museum?
Small or large, private and commercial, fine art commissions are now being accepted….

AFTER THE BATTLE Crusader knight - Click Me! USS EVERSOLE DE-404  by Churms, Click Me! US Army - THE LONG WAR CGSC Class of 2011 - Click Me! QUALITY TIME - Click Me! THE BITING FROST - British Paratroops Raid 1942 Click Me! FALLSCHIRMJAGER GEGENGANGRIFF - Cassino 1944 Click Me!
30"x24" oil on linen
for private client

12"x18" oil on panelli
for private client
34"x60" oil on canvas
& fine art prints for US Army

24"x36 "oil on board
fine art prints for Hunting Club
18"x14 "oil on board
magazine cover
(limage license)
22"x17 "oil on board
magazine cover
(limage license)

ELLWOOD HOUSE DOORWAY c.1855 - Click Me! Generals Grant and Meade at the Battle of the Wilderness 1864 Capture of Union Guns at Saunder's Field - Battle of the Wilderness 1864
TURNING POINT Stonewall Jackson mortally wounded 1863 THE UNERRINF FIE _ CSA Washinton Artillery at Battle of Frederickburg 1861
40"x18"oil on panelli
enlarged for mueum display
20"x30" oil on panelli
enlarged for museum display
see video - click here
20"x30" oil on panelli
enlarged for museum display
see video - click here
24"x36" oil on board
licensed for
Chancellorsville Battlefield visitor center
24"x36" oil on board
licensed for
visitor cente
Ellwood Manor, Wilderness Battlefield see video - click here
(.MOV video files, approximatley 5mb.allow some time to download, will eventually play in new window)
by permission of National Park Service, who purchased the above three paintings' copyrights

JOYFUL NEWS! News of Victory at Battle of San Jacinto TX 1836 - Click Me! Panoramic view of Battle of San Jacinto TX 1836 - Click Me! Panoramic view of Hardin Ranch at Liberty TX 1836 - Click Me!
62"x71" oil on canvas 62"x172" & 62"x39" oil on canvas
TEXAS HISTORY 1836 (over 25,000 sq inches)!

62"x39" & 62"x86" oil on canvas
Panoramic view of Battle of San Jacinto TX 1836 - Click Me! Panoramic view of Hardin Ranch at Liberty TX 1836 - Click Me!

Being involved in the purchase of commissioned artwork is a fun and rewarding experience! To be able to be part of the process from inception to completion is very exciting! You may think you would need to take out personal or military loans to purchase custom artwork, but the truth is the prices are really quite affordable.

· Is it complicated to commission an original Mark Churms oil painting?
No! Commissioning original art by Mark Churms is much easier than you think. Unlike many artists, Mark has structured his project schedules to allow for maximum research and client participation, from conception to framing and presentation of the finished art piece.

·Will I get the painting I hoped for?
Yes! You will have the opportunity to see and approve many detailed sketches and studies before a single brush hair touches the final canvas! You can also upgrade to a larger canvas size during the development process. Mark will e-mail (or mail) photos of the painting as it progresses. Research information will be forwarded to you to keep you up-to-date throughout the commission.
·How long does it take?
You new commission will be completed as soon as possible, without rushing the painting process. It may take a few months to research and complete an averagely complex oil painting, with full client consultation. However, if research provided by the customer, is readily available or the piece is to be painted in acrylics artwork can be completed much sooner. Mark constantly has his 'brush to canvas', so contact us now to reserve your priority placement!
· How Do I Pay?
Payments are made at the various commission stages (or by a monthly payment plan), with full client consultation. We are quite flexible; we understand that each project or client's financial arrangements may be different, we are happy to work with you to find a plan that suits you best. For small projects we usually ask for 50% down, 50% upon completion. Whatever payment plan we agree upon, the final payment is made prior to delivery (after we have sent detailed photos of the finished painting and made any slight changes required, to the customer's satisfaction).
· Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express/paypal.com /US checks are currently accepted.
To make a SECURE online payment click here

A TYPICAL PAYMENT SCHEDULE EXAMPLE(expressed as fractions of the estimated total)

Initial deposit & pen sketch Color study Detailed pencil sketch ½ Finished painting Finished painting
Initial deposit is not refundable
1/4 1/4 1/8 1/8

Monthly payment plans are also available by credit card or check. Additional Fees may apply for non-payment, bounced checks or overdue payments. The artist retains artwork until payment is made in full (including shipping costs which are billed upon completion of painting).
·How much does it cost?
Current pricing information is available upon request. Simply send a blank email to: historical_artprices@markchurms.com


First, commission original artwork now of your favorite moment in history or present day event. Next, sell or take orders for markchurms.com art prints and/or posters of the finished painting, from your members/ visitors/ associates to help fund your original painting project, or even make money!! In fact, MarkChurms.com will publish quality prints or posters of the finished painting (at the price-point you need) at up to 12"x18"w paper size at no extra cost to you! Or if you need larger posters or prints we can quote for those too (min qtys apply for larger sizes). So, now not only will you have a beautiful original painting to display but you can also sell new and unique art prints of your favorite historical event battles, or military unit to your customers to pay for the project! (prints purchased for resale at wholesale prices, museum quality framing and drop shipping are also available).
Contact us now for more details about this offer and for FREE print samples- click here

Command and General Staff College 2011 Class Print - Churms print signing at Leavenworth, May 2011
artist signs prints for
C.G.S.C. Class of 2011

US Army - Command & General Staff College Class of 2011 - Click Me!
THE LONG WAR 24"x36"
fine art print

Command and General Staff College 2011 Class Painting - Churms presents original painting to Brigadier General Gen MacFarland and Class
34"x60" original oil presented
to C.G.S.C. at Leavenworth KS

artist dedicates an art print to US soldier, Click Me!
artist signs a print for
female soldier featured in image
US Army - Operation Iraqi Freedom - Click Me!
fine art print
Presentation of painting to Colonel of 4BCT-1CD - Click Me!
28"x43" original oil presented
to US Cavalry Brigade at Fort Hood TX

·Do You Have Any Questions?
Please contact us at your earliest opportunity. Talk to the artist and we will help you decide what type of Mark Churms painting is right for you. E-mail us today at original_art@markchurms.com

- Questions about commissioning an original Mark Churms oil or acrylic paintings, murals or drawings - email original_art@markchurms.com
- For current Military and Historical paintings, murals or drawings prices - send a blank email to: historical_artprices@markchurms.com
- To find out about commissioning original Mark Churms Decorative Art - click here
- To find out about commissioning Mark Churms Commercial Art - click here

- COMMISSION ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLINE TODAY AND SAVE $200.00+! click here (futher $75.00 OFF US Military portraits)

Artist, Mark Churms, Click Me! We look forward to hearing from you!

Fredericksburg Battlefield - Click Me!W.W. II Naval, Click Me!Napoleonic Wars, Click Me!W.W.I Click Me!Roman Army,  Click Me!Gulf War 1991,  Click Me!
US Army National Guard - Click Me!Custers' Last stand - Click Me!USS NEVADA BB-36 by Churms, Click Me!USS EVERSOLE DE-404,1944 by Churms, Click Me!Washington Artillery at Fredericksburg - Click Me!C-5a Galaxy ANG - Click Me!

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