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PLACE SECURE ORDERS BY CREDIT CARD (or AMAZON or PAYPAL checkout): We currently accept online payments of up to $7,500.00 US (if you order total is more (including any shipping or taxes) please place your order by phone). All your Credit Card information is safely and securely processed and encrypted through our secure server. Please make sure ALL your credit card details are exactly the same as those you have given YOUR bank. For you added protection Credit Cards will not process if details are even slightly incorrect (Name, Tel #, billing address must be EXACTLY as your bank has it on file - TIP : call your bank to confirm your details prior to placing your order). We will also ask you for the Credit Verification Code (a.k.a. Card Identification Digits) printed on your card (For Visa/ Mastercard/ Discover, it is the last 3 digit number displayed on the BACK of your credit card, If you are using American Express, it is the 4 digit number, to the right of the account number, on the FRONT of your card). In addition we may also contact you to confirm your details before we process your order.

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For International customers we recommend wire transfers or payments by credit card.

ORDERING BY FAX or EMAIL: Sorry, we no longer have a FAX LINE (as of july 14th-2010) but yu can place orders by email. simply contact us with your requests.

WIRE TRANSFERS: We also accept orders for payment by wire transfer, However there is currently a $250.00 MINIMUM for each wire transfer. After placing your order we will contact you with our wire transfer details and total due (including fees, see below):
PROCESSING FEE FOR WIRE TRANSFERS: USA, add $25.00/ transfer, International, add $35.00/ transfer

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PRINT SIZES EXPLAINED: All sizes shown on this website are approximated to the nearest inch (1'' USA = 2.54 centimeters). Art print dimensions shown are the IMAGE SIZE only (this does not include any border that may be on the print). To help you visualize the sizes of our art prints and framing we have categorized sizes as follows:
FOLIO SIZE = ART IMAGES of 160 sq. inches or less (eg. 8"x10" or smaller, 11"x14" to 8"x20")

MEDIUM SIZE = ART IMAGES from 161 to 260 sq. inches (eg. 11"x17",20"x12" to 17"x15")

LARGE SIZE = ART IMAGES from 261 to 500 sq. inches (eg. 15"x18", 16"x20", 18"x24", to 20"x25")

XLARGE SIZE = ART IMAGES from 501 sq. inches to 900 sq. inches (eg. 24"x22",30"x20", 30"x24", 36"x24" to 50"x18" or 30"x30")

Original artwork is also avialable in the above sizes and larger sizes listed below:
= ART IMAGES from 901 sq. inches to 2000 sq. inches
(eg. 26"x35", 30"x40", 40"x40" to 40"x50")

XXXLARGE SIZE = ART IMAGES from 2001 sq. inches to 30000 sq. inches (eg. 50"x50", 60"x40", 70x30" to 50"x60")

Open Edition Prints: Prints that are not restricted in number. These can also include Posters that are often printed on low-grade paper stock. Posters and Open Edition prints are often less expensive than Limited Edition prints but are also often of a lesser qualityUnsigned by Artsit
Special Edition Prints: Open Edition prints that are signed and numbered by the artist. These prints are also not restricted in number but are usually of a better quality than unsigned, open edition prints or posters: Numbering Example: 101 With Artist Signature
Limited Edition Prints:
Limited to a certain number of prints (usually 1150 prints or less). They may be available in different sizes, within the same edition, but there will never be more prints than is stated. They are signed by the artist and also numbered. They are more collectible than posters or open edition prints as they are restricted in number and generally printed on a higher grade paper stock or even artist canvas (AC). Numbering Example: 101/1150 or 102/200AC With Artist Signature

MASTERPIECE GICLEE REPRODUCTIONS: Masterpiece Giclée reproductions are simply The Best of The Best! Reproduced individually with the highest quality inks on very heavy watercolor paper stock (matte finish) or artist canvas (glossy finish) "AC" which looks just like the texture of an original varnished oil painting. These reproductions are also UV protected and the inks are guaranteed for 75 years to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Quantities are limited and edition sizes are small so order today to avoid disappointment. Each print is signed and numbered by Mark Churms and comes with a certificate of authenticity, which is also signed and numbered by the artist himself.
Numbering Example: 101/350 or 102/200AC With Artist Signature & Certificate of Authenticity


ARTYIST PROOF framed and matted with brass plaque - Click Me!
PUBLISHER: Cranston Fine Arts / Vladimir Arts Prints or
Paper/Card Stock Prints - Artist Proofs:
The first prints to be printed are checked by the artist for consistency of tone and color prior to the main print run. Usually these are the property of the artist. APs are generally numbered out of only 50 to 100 copies. They are seen to be more collectible than the regular limited edition prints because the artist has checked them individually and they are of a smaller quantity than the regular edition.
AP Numbering Example: 10/50AP

PUBLISHER: Giclée Art Prints on Arches or Somerset Stock (watercolor paper) - Artist Proofs
Giclée reproductions are printed individually and are of high quality, they are even UV protected! The term Artist Proof, in this case, indicates that the print features a unique Remarque Pencil Sketch, handrawn by the artist Mark Churms, on the white print border. A great choice for the serious art print collector.
Giclée AP Numbering Example: 10/100AP
Giclée AP Remarque Pencil Sketch Example :
Sample Pencil Sketch - click me!
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity

PAINTED REMARQUE - UNQIUE ARTWORK CREATED! Choosing a unique hand-painted addition or alteration to a Mark Churms Giclée Canvas Reproduction adds value and a personal touch.Your remaque will be entirely unique! No one else will have the exact same painted detail on thier picture! Customers often choose a new helmet, flag or drum, etc. to be painted into the picture. All painted remarques are hand-painted by the artist himself. Examples of Remarques shown below:

(added bearskin cap)
(added Wallace Crest)
(new helmet & sword)
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity
PAINTED RETOUCH - TEXTURED LIKE AN ORIGINAL!The artist can paint texture on your Mark Churms Giclée Canvas Reproductions and make it look like an original painting. He carefully adds nodules of pigment and highlights of color to selected areas, to give the 3D textured appearance of an original oil painting to your canvas prints. The paints used for this process come from the artist's palette and are applied by the artist's own hand. When framed, it is difficult, even for experts, to tell the difference between an actual original oil painting and a retouched canvas reproduction! Examples of Retouches are shown below:
Retouch & Remarque
(new seagulls & arrows)
Retouch & Remarque
(new helmet on ground)
Retouch & Remarque
(new knight with lance)
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity
With Artist Signature
& Certificate of Authenticity
Combine a PAINTED RETOUCH with a PAINTED REMARQUE. Images improved by the artist's brush become unique works in themselves! We are only able to offer this service with GICLEE CANVAS REPRODUCTIONS. Allow 4 weeks for drying time.

ARTIST PAINTED SHIP CONVERSIONS: Mark Churms can actually alter the details of many Giclée Canvas Reproductions. Upon request, he will change details of your print! For example many Churms WWII ship paintings, can be altered in this fashion. He can show a different vessel of the same class (even in a different paint scheme). No two conversions are ever the same! This unique service is great for WWII veterans and their families because excellent artwork of all types of navy vessels is very hard to find, so contact us now for details.
Example of Artist Painted Ship conversion: THE BIG B #72/200AC converted to USS PITTSBURGH CA-72 1945
With Artist Signature & Certificate of Authenticity. Allow 5 weeks for research & drying time (rush orders available on request, at extra charge).
CUSTOMER QUOTES: "I wanted to tell you that I received the painting... I was dying to open it ... it was worth the wait and he was left speechless. He got all choked up and it was hard for him to say what he was feeling. I guess so many emotions ran through him at one time. I didn't even think to have a camera there and take a few pictures. I was just so excited when he came home and wanted to see the Pittsburgh. Well, I want to thank you for a job well done. So well done that we had a fight as to where the picture was going to hang...Thank you and I don't know if I can ever top that gift!!!!!!!!"

SKETCHES/ PENCIL REMARQUES: Own a unique Mark Churms original pencil drawing, hand drawn by the artist on the bottom border of your paper stock art print (or sometimes on the certificate). These are very popular with our customers! You can even choose what you want Mark Churms to draw! Common customer choices include, ships, helmets, drums, flags, weapons, portraits, small figures (e.g. a gun crew or cavalry) etc. These drawings are limited in size (height) by the amount of border on any particular art print, they usually are about 1"(h) x 3"(w).
Remarque Pencil Sketch Examples:
Sample Pencil Sketch - click me! Sample Pencil Sketch - click me! Sample Pencil Sketch - click me!
You can also purchse larger sketches that were done as part of the design process for a commissioned painting, these can be found by scrolling through out the various historical categories of this website (see left side bar on most other pages).

Sample pencil & color studies available for purchase
Sample Pencil Study - click me!Sample Color Study - click me!
You can even commission larger sketches and drawings of your choice for more information click here

MUSEUM QUALITY FRAMING: for information click here

CARE OF YOUR ART PRINTS: Prior to framing, prints should NOT be handled very much. If you need to hold the print, do so by edges only (with clean dry hands). They should be stored flat (if possible) or in a sturdy tube and kept away from water, damp environments, bright light or acidic materials. Be very careful not to crease the prints when unrolling. Always unroll on a flat, clean surface. If in doubt keep the print in its shipping container and let the framer open it! Frame your prints ONLY with acid-free materials whenever possible. For the best conservation, do not let your framer "dry-mount" (they will know what that means) any artwork on paper (including limited editions or signed paper prints) but instead use archival mounting strips or hangers that just clasp the very edge of the artwork alone. With the latter methods you may see some slight buckling of the framed paper edge due to temperature fluctuations and grip of the mounting strips. However, this method of securing your artwork is preferred to gluing the back of a paper print down (which gives a perfectly flat finish but may not be the best way of conserving your paper artwork in the long run). When hanging finished frames always use two picture hooks (instead of just one hook) placed about 6-12 inches apart, for a more balanced and adjustable hanging. When the frame is hung on the wall, place a spirit level on the top frame edge to make sure the frame is level (be careful not to drop the level or scratch the frame)! Never place any art in direct sunlight (watch out for early morning, winter sunlight in particular) or fluorescent light sources that may fade the colors rapidly.

CARE OF ORIGINAL ART: Original art, paintings or drawings should also be framed only with acid free materials and hung out of direct sunlight or fluorescent light. They should be kept free from damp environments, heaters and water. Mark Churms Original oil paintings should be varnished approximately 12 months after completion, allowing all the pigments time to dry out completely. Varnishing should be done by a professional picture restorer or experienced picture framer only. The art should be removed from the frame and varnished with Clear Artist's Picture Varnish (oil based). The varnish should be applied flat, in several coats, with care not to let dust settle on the painting. I would recommend using a gloss varnish (as it is the toughest) for all but the final coat (if you want matte or eggshell finish that should be applied last). Once properly dry the varnished art can then be re-hung. Though this service is not included in the price of commissioned artwork, Mark Churms is available to varnish any of his previously purchased paintings (for a fee). For information on this varnishing service contact us now.